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Manufacturing Products

Our Brands: 3 logos same as shown in the home image.

Signet proudly manufactures the products which are classified into three popular business division under eight verticals: -

Saurabh Skaktiman Signet-Logic Signet Modular Furniture

Micro Irrigation System

Conservation of water is not only important but also mandatory for our sustenance. Hence, understanding the value of water, Drip Irrigation System is one of the best means of conserving water. This system also helps the farmers to increase yield and quality of the crop.

Signet’s Brand Saurabh Shaktiman offers BIS certified Online, Inline Flatsil & Inline Golsil Integral Drip Lines produced using SWISS & Israeli technology in its premises located at Pithampur. Saurabh Shaktiman stringent quality control procedures ensures complete satisfaction to the farmers and provides maximum benefits on his investments by reducing the requirement of water and giving qualitative and quantitative yield to the farmers.

PVC Pipes & Fittings

Saurabh Shaktiman is a renowned brand known for quality piping systems. The company serves its clientele for their requirements in Water Transportation, Irrigation, Borewell, Plumbing, Drainage, Sewerage, Rain Water Harvesting, and Waste Management & Infrastructure Sectors.

HDPE Sprinkler Pipe, HDPE Pipes & Cable Duct

Saurabh Shaktiman’s HDPE pipe offering is used in the fields of Sprinkler Irrigation, Cable Ducts & Borewell. Made from virgin polymers the piping system is strong enough to last for many years without any maintenance. The sprinkler system is also known as artificial rainfall. It helps to reduce the consumption of water. This technology is generally used in field’s crop like Wheat, Gram, Pulses, Vegetables, Tea, Coffee & other Fodder Crops.

Spray Pumps

Saurabh Shaktiman offers variety of spray pumps made from 100% virgin HDPE materials with different applications. They are Saurabh Samadhan Hitech, Double-Double Knapsack, Saurabh Shaktiman Hitech and Saurabh Shaktiman Knapsack. These spray pumps are useful to spray pesticides and other water soluble minerals for plant protection and growth.


Saurabh Shaktiman offers crates for agro products, milk pouches and multi-purpose uses made from 100% virgin reinforced HDPE materials.


Saurabh Shaktiman unbreakable’s product range has served approximately 10 million (1 Crore) individuals and is a leading brand in the county. It offers approx 70 verities of unbreakable products used in construction, agriculture, storage, transportation, mining, animal feeding, domestic uses, milk transportation and drainage applications. The products mainly are Ghamela, Buckets, Milk Canes, Stools, Mugs, Supda etc.

Moulded Furniture

Signet Moulded furniture are produced from carefully designed moulds to ensure style, comfort, and rigidity and the same time these products are produced from 100% virgin polypropylene compound to enhance the required properties. Signet caters to requirements of households, offices, tent houses, temples and other establishments with its variety of chairs, stools and tables.


Signet markets over 200 varieties of beautifully and ergonomically designed household products by the brand name of Logic. In a short span, Logic has established its brand value in the minds of its consumers. It provides a one stop shop for every household and establishment with its vast range of: -

  • Exclusive Trays
  • Dinner Set
  • Baskets
  • Seal n Safe Range
  • Store well Range
  • Worthy Microwave Boxes
  • Material Storage Racks
  • Keepers
  • Dustbin Range
  • Bucket range
  • Water Mugs
  • Multi-purpose Basins
  • Soap Cases
  • Bulky Drums
  • Ergonomic Stools
  • Planters & Miscellaneous Products
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