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About Us

Signet symbolizes a customer centric entity, driven with a vision to excel. What differentiates us from our contemporaries is the quality of efforts that goes into every facet of our business. Every Signet project is an outcome of meticulous planning, expert know how, fool-proof strategies, feasibility studies and intense innovation. By fostering the finesse of commitment at all organizational levels, we have successfully erected an unshakable business empire that has developed and diversified into a myriad of business activities.

Today, we are proud to be a USD 77million group with our roots firmly grounded in international trading, domestic distribution and manufacturing arenas, impressing customers and shareholders alike. And with an array of development and diversification plans heading towards the future, all that we can say is 'Our best is yet to come'

Business minus Boundaries.......

The Signet work culture synchronizes a diverse plethora of talents towards one  single goal- Success. Leveraging on the higher side of professional integrity and sound management, Signet has scripted many success stories, giving ambitious ventures the dimensions of reality. By giving complete freedom of thought and expression to all our members, we churn out the  best in every individual, collectively cumulating to better results. Further more, we also give due weight age to risk management ensuring proper risk control at every stage of the business.

At Signet we deliver:

  • High Quality Goods on time at the most competitive prices
  • A Personal touch to all business activities as a result of in-depth research and understanding  of the business environment.
  • Reliable & up-to-date information on international & local markets and related advantages.

We promise

  • To be a well-integrated and comprehensive indenting house offering package and concept selling
  • To achieve a systematic and well balanced growth, through increased customer participation and market expansion.
  • To explore new business horizons based on in-depth research and social concern.

We are responsible

The Signet Group stands tall when it comes to social responsibility. Our wind mill projects to be commissioned in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are a reflection of the some.

Thoughtfully planned to generate energy through wind power, we are proud to serve the nation in a productive manner.

We achieve...

  • Sales leadership award for 10 years- DCW Limited
  • 65% of the regional market share- Haldia Petrochemicals Limited
  • 80% of the regional market share - South Asian Petrochem Limited.
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