Name of the Company : Signet Industries Limited

Quarter ending on : 30-Jun-2015

    ParticularsClause of
  • Board of Directors
  • 49 II--
    (A) Composition of Board49 II AYes-
    (B) Independent Directors49 II BYes-
    (C) Non-executive Directors compensation & disclosures49 II CYes-
    (D) Other provisions as to Board and Committees 49 II DYes-
    (E) Code of Conduct49 II EYes-
    (F) Whistle Blower Policy49 II FYes-
  • Audit Committee
  • 49 III--
    (A) Qualified & Independent Audit Committee49 III AYes-
    (B) Meeting of Audit Committee49 III BYes-
    (C) Powers of Audit Committee49 III CYes-
    (D) Role of Audit Committee49 III DYes-
    (E) Review of Information by Audit Committee 49 III EYes-
  • Nomination and Remuneration Committee
  • 49 IVYes-
  • Subsidiary Companies
  • 49 VNA-
  • Risk Management
  • 49 VIYes-
  • Related Party Transactions
  • 49 VIIYes-
  • Disclosures
  • 49 VIII--
    (A) Related party transactions49 VIII AYes-
    (B) Disclosure of Accounting Treatment49 VIII BYes-
    (C) Remuneration of Directors49 VIII CYesWill be complied in Annual Report
    (D) Management49 VIII DYesWill be complied in Annual Report
    (E) Shareholders49 VIII EYesWill be complied in Annual Report
    (I) Proceeds from public issues, rights issue, preferential issues, etc49 VIII INA-
  • CEO/CFO Certification
  • 49 IXYesWill be complied in Annual Report
  • Report on Corporate Governance
  • 49 XYesWill be complied in Annual Report
  • Compliance
  • 49 XIYesWill be complied in Annual Report